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October 27 2020 | 0 Comment

While Matt Hancock’s drive to deliver digital transformation in the health care sector should be applauded, the recent announcement of iPads for care homes is short-sighted and ignores the market research. The 11,000 iPads amount to less than one unit...

July 30 2020 | 0 Comment

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has praised the “hugely positive” response to virtual telehealth appointments during the coronavirus pandemic and supports an ongoing shift towards more “Zoom medicine”.

July 23 2020 | 0 Comment

Belfast and London-based AgeTech company Kraydel have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Spark DPS, to accelerate delivery of “revolutionary” technology for older adults.

July 12 2020 | 0 Comment

There have been an abundance of reports with an almost embarrassing wealth of evidence about the quality and productivity of care outside of hospital settings.

June 28 2020 | 0 Comment

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that health and particularly social care delivery is under public scrutiny like never before.

May 19 2020 | 0 Comment

We’ve had several weeks of listening to the Government, and for those outside England, listening to our devolved leaders, tell us to stay at home to protect ourselves and the NHS.

April 01 2020 | 0 Comment

Kraydel’s mission is to enable and increase the resilience and independence of the elderly.

March 31 2020 | 0 Comment

The restrictions on social contact and movement can feel frustrating, but there are a number of things that can be done to maintain your social connection and improve your mental wellbeing.

March 27 2020 | 0 Comment

For those who’ve grown up in the digital age, UX and UI design have become intuitive. We can navigate around any site on any device.

March 26 2020 | 0 Comment

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads, even the most bustling cities have fallen silent as residents heed the guidance to self-isolate. But whilst we are all in quarantine, for now, there is one group who are far more at-risk than the...