Meet the Team


Amer Fasihi PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Amer worked in strategy, sales, and marketing at a number of major organisations gaining experience in building knowledge services, use and applications of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics (e.g. Watson). He then founded a digital health monitoring service (Caros Connect), which is now part of Kraydel. He is a Fellow of Cambridge Digital Innovation, at University of Cambridge.


Rupinder Singh

Chief Strategy Officer

Rupinder has worked in a variety of senior roles for organisations including Arthur Andersen, RCI and NHSI on a range of advisory, strategic and commercial roles. Before joining Kraydel, his most recent appointment by NHSE was as independent SRO across three hospital trusts to develop a new clinical blueprint. He is a long standing Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.


Arjan Kolkman

Chief Technology Officer

Arjan worked most of his career in the digital TV space where he worked for conditional access providers (Irdeto, Latens), set-top box manufacturers (CommScope and UEC) and at MultiChoice in South Africa. Before joining Kraydel he was the founder/CTO of Nimbus Medical, a company that provided a software/hardware solution comparable to the Kraydel product.



Our founder, Paul Moorhead, is no stranger to technology, having spent his entire career in IT. He’s never been involved in anything quite as personal as this, though. Here’s his personal story:

“It all started around three or four years ago — Mum considers herself lucky not to have had a mental decline to deal with, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t facing other challenges. When she stopped driving, for example, her horizons narrowed considerably. She was adamant she didn’t want to leave her home, especially her garden, but her quality of life wasn’t what it could have been. My mother’s world was shrinking month by month, and I had to do something.

A chance conversation with a bunch of developers planted the seed of an idea to help people like my mum, but I wanted to be a lot more certain about the proposition before going to prototype stage.

So I entered a competition.

Invent is an annual contest run by Catalyst in Northern Ireland, and the idea is to identify and reward ideas with the greatest commercial potential. By the time I got to the final, I honestly didn’t care if I won or not — which is just as well because I didn’t! I knew by then that the idea was going to fly though and, buoyed by the support and encouragement I’d received, I decided to go for it.

The next game-changing moment for me was when I met Lisa Smith. She had a strong background in supporting elderly people and has a profound understanding of their needs. As soon as she started talking about what ‘we’ needed to do, I knew we’d found our CEO.

We have a great team here at Kraydel. Most of us have some experience of caring for older relatives — or expect to do so in the not-so-distant future — and we are all passionate about making a success of this. We’re all thinking about the important people in our lives and whether we extend their independence for 10 years or 6 months, it’s still worth doing."


“My mother’s world was shrinking month by month, and I had to do something.”

- Paul Moorhead, Kraydel Founder


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Success Stories

We think Kraydel could really improve our service and would love to run a trial in the coming months.  

Nick Kelly

CEO, Respect Care

We love Kraydel and the clever way in which it is disrupting the market.

  • Daniel Korski
    Daniel Korski

    CEO GovStart

We fully support Kraydel’s aims and our collaboration is now key to our strategic aims of delivering innovation in this sector.

Richard Verdin

Managing Director, RGAx