A Dedicated Team

Kraydel is led by industry veterans.

Lisa Smith

Dr. Lisa Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and bridges or pylons feature heavily in all her analogies. She holds an MBA from Harvard, has been a McKinsey Associate, and worked at Unilever, including creating their IoT strategy. Most recently she has been working with VC and start-ups. Previous experience with elder-care drew her to Kraydel and she’s passionate about delivering something great.

Paul Moorhead

Paul Moorhead

Chief Technology Officer

Paul wanted to be a physicist but turned left at Albuquerque and ended up in software. He’s spent over 30 years developing products including roles at BT, Nortel, Openwave, Meridio, Singularity, Replify, and Intel. Paul is obsessed with creating great development teams. Before he retires he would like one of his products to be of some use to mankind – he’s hoping that Kraydel is that product.

Rupinder Singh

Rupinder Singh

Chief Commercial Officer

Rupinder’s a business strategy guy and he can count better than the rest of us.  He was a senior consultant at Arthur Anderson.  Rupinder has worked for many years on health care strategy including time at Monitor. He has been a strategic advisor to Public Sector Boards, and many NHS trusts – helping them deliver new care models and partner effectively with the private sector.


Alleyn Bowen

Hardware Engineering Lead

Alleyn is steeped in all things electronic and in particular the development of video conferencing products. He specialises in working for companies which get acquired by Cisco. Alleyn is building our London-based hardware team and is responsible for managing device production. Seldom seen without an avocado. Must be some South African thing.

Adrian Sugget

Adrian Suggett

Expert in Video Technologies

Adrian followed his MA in Electronic & Information Science at Cambridge with a stellar career in tech: he founded & exited two great companies – most recently Acano, acquired by Cisco for $700M. Previously he worked for Tandberg & Cisco. Now he’s a business angel and helping us get the hardware & video technology right. He scares us, but in a good way.

Dr. Amer Fasihi

Head of Data

Amer is another physicist. He turned his back on the cosmos to work at GlaxoSmithKlein, then spent time at IBM getting Watson to think about Life Sciences. Amer founded Caros Connect: a person-centred health-care system and then joined us to build our data business because we’re going to have data essential to those trying to improve life for the elderly.

Lyndsey Parsons

Senior Software Architect

Like all really smart people Lyndsey studied Physics at University and then got a proper job as a Software Engineer. Lyndsey specialises in working for companies whose name ends in “el”:  Nortel, Intel, Kraydel, but she also spent many years at Aepona gaining skills in cloud and service delivery platforms which she’s using to make our service truly Telco-grade.

Anwar Almojarkesh

Sound Engineer

Anwar is a proper engineer – always inventing stuff and working in diverse areas. Anwar got his degree in Telecommunications Engineering in Jordan, and ended up in Birmingham where he founded Braci – a company developing really smart algorithms to recognise sounds in the home. He’s making the Kraydel device hear like a real boy.

Adam Sutcliffe

Adam Sutcliffe

User Experience

Adam has one Masters’ degree in mechanical engineering and another in design.  He lectures in product design at Queen Mary University of London and is always coming up with product ideas. His job is to ensure that all Kraydel’s users have a consistently brilliant and intuitive experience. He’s also a part-time Grenadier. No I don’t know what it means either.

Katrina Currie

Katrina Currie

Head of Product Support

Katrina is another physicist – we can’t get enough of them. After her MSci in Physics from Cambridge, Katrina worked as a Customer Support Engineer in Video Collaboration products at Cisco. She then moved to Acano, which was acquired by Cisco. We tempted her with the opportunity to build out a world-class support organisation getting it right from the start.

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