Help with daily life, and easy ways to
keep in touch with family and carers.

Helpful Reminders

Easily set up medication and housekeeping reminders, and receive notifications if they are missed.

Built-In Videochat

We deliver easy-to-use videochat straight to your TV, so that you can be there for them, even when you can’t.

Automated Alerts

Intelligent software recognises daily routines, promptly notifying carers via SMS, email or phone if anything seems wrong.

Intuitive Timeline

Quickly and easily view the data you’ve collected on those in your care, for the day, week, or month, in a clear and concise overview.

Remote viewing

If permitted, carers can activate the camera feed to check on an elder. A light on the device lets users know that the camera is on.

Easy-To-Use TV Interface

Kraydel provides an intuitive TV interface that delivers medication & housekeeping reminders, one-touch video chat, and more.

Care providers can setup daily reminders across the whole of their accommodation, or tailor them to individual elders’ needs. Reminders first occur as a light and voice message, but will automatically escalate to a full-screen message if not confirmed by the user.

More Quality Time, Better Care

At the click of a button on the remote control, the user can launch a video call to one of three pre-defined contacts, such as their children, a friend, or volunteers in a local “Someone Cares” network.

In the future Kraydel will be adding social groups through multi-party video calls to enable virtual coffee-mornings, pilates classes, prayer meetings and more.

Intelligent Data, Intuitive Design

Kraydel provides non-intrusive oversight for vulnerable people living alone, and helps care givers to do their jobs more easily and effectively.

Our innovative sensor-suite passively collects information about an elder’s daily routine, building up a complete and detailed picture over time. It can then intelligently alert care givers if anything seems amiss.

The camera can be activated remotely at any time (if you have been granted permission) so that you can reassure yourself that the person you care for is safe and well.

Sophisticated Notifications

Alerts from Kraydel can be delivered as text messages, emails or phone calls, and if the first-line recipients don’t acknowledge the alert, the system will escalate to other contacts instead.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary contacts are quick & easy to create on first setup, and can be changed at any time from the Kraydel app interface.

Tech Specs

External Dimensions

15cm x 4cm x 10cm

(width × height × length)



AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Cable Included

AV Output


480p / 720p / 1080p

HDMI Cable Included


3G / 4G

Wi-Fi 802.11n 2.4 GHz

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