Independence and peace of mind,
even outside the home.

An Intelligent Wristband

Pairs with your existing base station, for added assurance away from home.

Kraydel Protect adds an intelligent wristband, which detects falls and seizures, monitors heart-rate and skin temperature, and even counts steps and tracks location if desired. The wristband also has a panic button to summon instant help – right to wherever the wearer is.

We want to give confidence to those in the early stages of dementia, so that they may still venture out shopping or to see friends, knowing that if they become disoriented, or lost, the system will detect their confusion, or they can summon assistance with a button push.

The wristband’s location tracking can also be used to provide “geo-fencing”, allowing carers to define safe areas, and promptly receive alerts if the wearer roams beyond them.

Waterproof, with a battery life of one week, and a subtle, unobtrusive design, the device can be worn all the time. Unlike widely-available pendant alarms, it won’t be found on the bedside table, but where it needs to be – on the person being protected.

Users will be able to upgrade to Kraydel Protect at any time – the device pairs with the Kraydel base station and can communicate with it over a wide area.

Coming 2018

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