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What makes video calling through
Konnect so engaging?

The interface is designed to be easy to use. You just click Yes or No to get to the option you want.

Once the hub angle is set it will stay in that position so no more fiddling about to get the right view.

There is no small window to distract you. You check your appearance at the start of the call.

Konnect has no software updates and does not require
charging to use.

Use the screen you’ve got a whole room arranged for

If you’re on the move then the smartphone is the ideal way to talk and connect with loved ones. If you’re in the TV-room then use the screen that the whole room is arranged around (no one has a smartphone-room or tablet-room).

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Using the TV is so much more natural

Using the TV to have a chat feels natural because you can sit in your favourite chair and engage with the caller properly. You don’t have to balance a small device and adjust your posture into an unnatural position. You don’t have to adjust viewing angles and you won’t be distracted by window-in-window views.

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Kraydel is the easiest video calling system that uses the TV

There is no training required to use Kraydel, and the remote control is designed for easy adoption. There is only a small directory of callers so no chance of getting spam callers or unwanted intrusion from people who you don’t know. There is no worrying about charging, or fussing about software or app updates.

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