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Single Point of Access (SPA) or Single Point of Failure? 

07 January 2021 | 0 Comment

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If a Single Point of Access (SPA) system is to work, then it needs to do what it says on the box!

NHS Improvement describes SPA as:

“an access process where all services share a single set of contact information (telephone number, web address, etc). All queries and referrals are therefore channelled through a single team for administrative triage.”

SPA sounds like a no brainer – a single contact hub that is easy to use for members of the public, staff, and NHS partner organisations. But in reality, the existing models are far from perfect.

Rather than a common framework being used to determine the most appropriate pathway and scale of intervention necessary, no two Trusts seemingly adopted either the same interpretation or implementation of the SPA guidance?

Why? In part, whilst great technology exists, healthtech is by and large unconnected and uncollaborative.

What the NHS really needs is a standardised Single Point of Access hub that is easily accessed. One that is responsive to patients’ needs and efficient, both in the way the system responds to inquiries but also in how the system optimises care and resources.

Kraydel has been working with several NHS Trusts to develop a platform that enables both telehealth calls as well as the digitisation of health data.

Konnect enables: 

  • A Single Point of Access 24/7 365 days a year station, where an on-duty respondent can make or receive calls to patients (or groups of patients); either on an ad hoc or via scheduled appointments.
  • The platform enables two-way telehealth video calls between a patient and their GP or health care worker via a SPA station, desktop, or mobile app.
  • SPA triage staff can easily manage appointments, notifications, and reminders in the relevant clinical systems.
  • Videos, and advice leaflets to be sent directly to the patient’s TV e.g. physio or diabetes management videos.
  • The Konnect features a range of Bluetooth and integrated health, well-being, and environmental sensors. This means using an Application Programming Interface (API), all-digital health data, can be viewed in a single dashboard view.
  • Health care professionals can view and manage health data, automated alerts, when new data is available.
  • At Kraydel we are also working with NHS Partner organisations to support a roadmap of future integrations and to further support online referrals.
  • Complies with NHS care and improvement and the latest data regulations.

A telehealth SPA system can be rapidly deployed and ensures that all referrals from GP’s, carers, and other health care professionals can be responded to remotely and timeously. 

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