Matt Hancock embraces “Zoom medicine” and the need for more telehealth – Kraydel

Matt Hancock embraces “Zoom medicine” and the need for more telehealth

30 July 2020 | 0 Comment

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock has praised the “hugely positive” response to virtual telehealth appointments during the coronavirus pandemic and supports an ongoing shift towards more “Zoom medicine”.

Speaking at an event at the Royal College of Physicians, Hancock said that: “From now on, all consultations should be tele-consultations unless there’s a compelling clinical reason not to.”

When the Kraydel team met with the Health Secretary last year, we highlighted that one of the main barriers to telehealth is that many platforms fail to account for the physical and design needs of older adults. There is also a reliance on video delivery through smartphone and tablet apps which offer a sub-optimal experience for older adults – many who struggle with anxiety and technophobia when faced with using new technologies.

For this reason, the Konnects’ secure TV- video calling enables telehealth consultations with care teams from the comfort and convenience of the person’s own home. TV-based telehealth also provides the ability to see not just the User but also their environment and surroundings in a way that a smartphone doesn’t because of the limited field of view when the device is close to the Users’ face.

The increased availability of smarthome and remote well-being technology has provided access to the data necessary to make proactive care interventions. We’ve combined third party technology along with Kraydel’s proprietary AI and data algorithms to develop a personalized dashboard where carers, doctors, and health professionals can see an aggregated view of all relevant data to provide a single version of the truth. Konnect is the broadest IoT platform that exists anywhere today.

This means the health care professional can view relevant health data in real-time without the need to physically be present in the room. And because the Users own television acts as the video calling platform, neither Users nor Carers are required to learn anything new.

Delivery of care through the television in the Users own home provides a low barrier to adoption and significant cost benefits, delivered through:

  • The simplicity and ease of use for those not comfortable with new technologies mean TV-based healthcare is tech agnostic and has lower costs of adoption with higher user uptake.
  • Konnect delivers on cost-effectiveness, being by far the lowest cost system for the level of functionality and device integration provided.
  • The use of parameters for anomaly detection and to identify, notify and escalate ‘outside of expected range’ healthcare readings provides a simple but smart remote monitoring platform with the ability to pair any healthcare device relevant to the care pathway.
  • Decreased costs for the patient and care provider of travelling and time spent on hospital waits.

Using the television for “Zoom medicine” and telehealth is the obvious way to overcome the physical limitations of handheld tablets and smartphones and truly bring “hospital into the home”.