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Package and Benefits

Included within the monthly subscription fee:

Flexible networks

Add as many supporters to the User’s network as needed (at no charge) using the Kraydel Konnect app (iOS and Android).

Secure, Cloud-based System

Fully GDPR compliant cloud-based system, with 99.9% annual uptime on AWS.

Widest range of connected devices

The platform has health, well-being, environmental IoT devices integrated.

Customer Support

Knowledgeable, friendly support team on hand to help with training, trouble-shooting and general queries.

Konnect for
Home Care Providers

Revolutionising the delivery of care and health services

Konnect helps you deliver innovative and sustainable care across your network. With the TV you can deliver light touch care calls, as well as notifications and alerts for medication, fluids or exercise in conjunction with individual support plans.

Short daily visits can be replaced by virtual calls through the TV to help deliver agreed outcomes, such as checking medication compliance through short video calls.

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Konnect Dashboard

Insightful support – up to date care records

The Konnect dashboard supports informed visual and data led decisions. Schedule personalised alerts and reminders based on each persons support plan, needs and requirements.

Circle of Care can be instantly notified with virtual care calls being made to check and reassure.

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TSA Member

Kraydel is a member of TSA, the industry body for Technology Enabled Care (TEC), representing the largest industry specific network in Europe and bringing together a growing membership of organisations across local government, health and the private sector.

TSA works across health, housing and social care through a wide range of public services (NHS, local authorities, Fire and Rescue Services), housing associations, leading industry suppliers, independent and voluntary sector organisations.

Manage Partnerships
of Care

Collaborating with Local Authorities and Adult Social Care to deliver innovative, efficient and sustainable models of strengths-based care.

  • Augment

    Care Technology is not a question of replacing human contact but enhancing and complementing existing models of care.

  • Record

    Record and share care notes and visual observations using Kraydel’s GDPR compliant, cloud-based platform.

  • Efficient

    Virtual care calls enable more efficient use of personal budgets and commissioned care packages, so providers can work with all individuals for achievable outcomes.

  • Support

    Users stay where they feel most comfortable; at home. Their family, friends, communities and care teams can support and engage them in a safe and secure environment.

How Konnect supports Home Care providers

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Questions About Kraydel?

Do you need a SmartTV to use Kraydel?

No you do not need a SmartTV.

We do however recommended that for the best experience you should have either a Samsung, Sony, LG, JVC or Panasonic. You’ll also need a free HDMI port and plug socket, as well as either a nearby wifi connection, ethernet or contact us about 4G options.

What are the different parts of Kraydel?

Kraydel has three main parts. The hub sits on top of the TV and plugs into the back, using it as the display. The hub is controlled by an easy-to-use remote control. The portal is a web app that can be accessed by carers.

How can Kraydel help me know that the people in my care are OK?

Kraydel contains several sensors monitoring the well-being of the person in care. The information from these sensors is available upon logging in to the portal. The system analyses the information from the sensors and when something isn’t quite right, it notifies you.

How does Kraydel support compliance?

Kraydel enables Carers to record notes and request access to customer well-being data. Kraydel has been designed to the highest standards of security. We encrypt data in transit and store it securely. We can help you deliver on each one of the Care Quality Commission’s KLOEs for care services.

How much does Konnect cost?

Konnect is priced on a monthly subscription contract. This price includes the Konnect hardware device, shipping and unlimited access to video calling and well-being monitoring – all for less than the price of an average mobile phone contract. Additional wearable and smart IoT devices will be available for purchase via the website.

How can Kraydel help me keep in touch with people?

Kraydel allows TV video calling using the hub and the portal.

This means that you can see and speak to someone without having to travel to visit them. This could be to routinely check how they are or to get back in touch with someone you haven’t seen for years.

Customers Feedback

Kraydel is a leading innovator in the care sector and we have seen marked improvements in our service delivery.

Nick Kelly
CEO, Respect Care

We believe this system which delivers a video consultation directly into someone’s living room is by far and away the best fit for our requirements. In terms of where we go next with Kraydel, I think the sky’s the limit.

Keith Bentham
Future Digital Programme Manager, Northern Care Alliance

We fully support Kraydel’s aims and our collaboration is now key to our strategic aims of delivering innovation in this sector.

Richard Verdin
Managing Director, RGAx