What is TV video calling?

TV video calling is the ability to make a receiver video calls, including live image and sound through your own TV.

Compared to smartphones, TV video calling utilises the largest and highest quality screen in the house with the best sound for the hard of hearing.

The TV is a fixed device meaning no fatigue from handling a mobile device. It also provides a stable and direct line of eye contact – making it easier for call recipients to lip read.

For these reasons TV video calling is popular with families, especially with elderly, disabled or non-technical users and those with young children. In addition, Kraydels simple TV remote control also makes it much easier to operate than a PC, or a touchscreen tablet or smartphone.

Historically only a small number of SmartTVs were able to make video calls, due in part to the lack of an inbuilt microphone. Up until 2016, Skype integrated its video calling platform into some SmartTVs but later cancelled the service – much to the disappointment of users.

But a new generation of video calling hubs has emerged.

Kraydel’s TV video calling hub which has won the backing of UK government ministers for the innovative way in which it has reinvented the traditional TV. Kraydel works on any TV, not just smart TVs, so there’s no need to go out and buy a new television.

All you need is an HDMI port, plug socket and wifi connection and within minutes you’ll be able to make free video calls from the comfort of your sofa. With Kraydel users can make sofa-to-sofa calls to another hub, or to a mobile device using the app or even a laptop via a browser.

Sign up using the link alongside to join the Kraydel Pioneer programme and be one of the first users to get their hands on our TV video calling hub.

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