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Frequently Asked Qs

1. Do I need a hub to contact someone on Konnect?

No! Two Konnect Hubs can make and receive calls to each other, but you can also contact any hub via our mobile app, or in your browser. 

2. How can I add photos to Konnect?

Supporters (approved contacts) can upload photos from either the mobile app or the dashboard, accessed through a browser.

3. Will Konnect work in my area or region?

Konnect brings together families and friends all around the world. All you need is an internet connection - if your wifi is unstable it's also possible to use a 4G sim card too. 

4. What are Kraydel's security and privacy principles?

Our data is secured and encrypted in transmission, and at rest. There is no data stored on the Hub itself, and privacy is respected through our automatic privacy shutter. Sensitive data such as health readings are only visible to specific contacts (such as your healthcare team). 

5. Will Konnect work on my TV?

Konnect works on every TV.  Intelligent TV Control instantly recognises the most appropriate way for Konnect to switch between the Konnect source and the TV source. This means you do not have to learn how to use Konnect. 

6. Does it affect how my TV works?

No, you don't need to change anything on your TV or how you use it - our Intelligent TV Control doesn't disrupt your regular TV settings.