Let's work together

Here's how we'll achieve change in your organisation

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Get in Touch with us for a Demonstration

We'll arrange a meeting to digitally demonstrate our latest product, discuss needs specific to your intended use case and understand how Konnect can work for you & your organisation.


Developing a Standard Operating Procedure

We'll work with you to create a standard operating procedure to outline intended uses and how our organisations can work together. Why? ____


Purchase Order

We can provide you with the presentation material to help achieve buy-in internally. Once a project plan has been agreed and your team are ready to give the green light, you can go ahead and place an order in HALO.


Operational Onboarding

We'll schedule a session with members of your operational team to introduce our system and demonstrate how to refer a client or customer for a Konnect device. 


Recruiting & Requesting Installs

We have some material here that can be downloaded, printed and shared with customers, patients, clients or patrons that you think could be prospective Hub Users. If they're interested, you can assign them a hub in HALO. 


Updates and Evaluations

We'll meet regularly to share usage updates and evaluations + 3 6 9 months. We'll conduct various forms of feedback including CEST and interviews. 


Achieving Change

Gain insight into how