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Konnect in the NHS

Updated: Feb 8

See how Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust uses Konnect to support patients in their own homes.

The Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust, Staying Well service, aims to support individuals over 55, within their own home who have been identified as having mild to moderate frailty. The aim of the intervention, using technology like Konnect, is to help individuals to stay well, live well, and age well.

Kraydel have been working with the Staying Well team for 2 years now and Jane and Kates’ stories illustrate the impact that having Konnect has had -


Jane's Story

"After I was visited by the Staying Well Service, Konnect was plugged into my TV which allowed me to make and receive calls to people I chose. Only the people who I had asked to be able to contact me could call, so I was confident that I wouldn’t be called by people I didn’t know. I was able to choose friends and family, as well as key people involved in supporting me at home. I hadn’t seen my sister for two years. By using the Kraydel Konnect I have now been able to see and speak to her, and have been able to raise a glass for her birthday and show off my new purple streaked hair."

Read Jane's full story here


Kate's Story

"I live alone and have poor mobility and also partially sighted. My family live the other side of town and have very demanding jobs, which made it difficult to visit me as much as they would like. My family had encouraged me to use a smart phone for video calls, however due to the small screen I was unable see clearly. My GP referred me to the Staying Well Service and following the assessment, a Konnect device was installed. With some practise I was able to use the controls and the device independently. This device was installed prior to Christmas so I was able to see all my family via the TV... I didn’t know how I would have coped with Christmas without the Kraydel Konnect."

Read Kate's full story here

Kraydel works with other NHS Trusts, Councils, Housing Partnerships etc. to provide virtual wards, enhance home care and to reduce loneliness and isolation. Get in touch via to discuss your requirements and/or arrange a demonstration.

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