A passion to succeed

Our management team consists of industry experts with one thing in common — we all want to make life better for the older people in our lives, so we have an interest in making a success of Kraydel that goes far beyond job satisfaction.

Backed by people who believe in us

Investors are getting behind Kraydel because they’ve seen the enormous potential of what we’re doing.

We’ve been raising funds since late 2017 with seed funding.

A second round has just been completed, and we expect to complete another round in the first half of 2019.

A novel approach

The current system for geriatric care focuses on treating problems, rather than prevention, early detection and quality of life.

That system is under strain, and the problem of caring for the elderly will be insurmountable without innovative new technological solutions.

Kraydel is a device (TV-top hub and remote control) that enables better health, wellbeing and independence at home. It does this in three ways:

  1. Addressing loneliness by using the TV as the main communication portal, so friends and family can be better connected to the user.
  2. Connecting to medical and wellbeing devices to help users and their health care professionals communicate and share data.
  3. Helping domiciliary care workers and family monitor user frailty through a suite of built-in environmental sensors.

“In the UK, 1 million people aged 65+ always or often feel lonely.”

Global opportunity

The market is huge, and growing — it’s driven by life expectancy, which is itself increasing in almost every country.

The population aged over 65 is one of the fastest growing segments globally, and is set to increase by 43% to over 1 billion people by 2050.

We have a great opportunity to support an ever-increasing number of users, and their families.

“The most exciting roadmap and the most complete solution we have seen.”

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Success Stories

We think Kraydel could really improve our service and would love to run a trial in the coming months.  

Nick Kelly

CEO, Respect Care

We love Kraydel and the clever way in which it is disrupting the market.

  • Daniel Korski
    Daniel Korski

    CEO GovStart

We fully support Kraydel’s aims and our collaboration is now key to our strategic aims of delivering innovation in this sector.

Richard Verdin

Managing Director, RGAx