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How Konnect differs to Facebook owned Whatsapp

Integrated IoT sensors for health monitoring and peace-of-mind.

Designed specifically for older adults and those uncomfortable with new technology.

Your privacy at the heart of everything we do.

Real time data and analytics for health professional and loved ones.

A private network of your trusted supporters – loved ones and Carers.

TV video calling

The biggest and brightest screen in the home

For many older adults mobile phones and tablets present not just technical but also physical barriers. Touch screens can be hard to navigate and holding one leads to fatigue. But if you spend most of your day in your TV-room, why not use the screen that the whole room is arranged for (no one has a smartphone room or tablet room).

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Would you trust Facebook with your data?

According to a survey by the Huffington Post, just 31 percent of Facebook users say they trust the company at least somewhat with their personal data, with 66 percent saying they don’t trust it much or at all, and the remainder unsure.

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No training required

There is no training required to use Kraydel, and the remote control is designed for easy adoption. There is only a small directory of callers so no chance of getting spam callers or unwanted intrusion from people who you don’t know. There is no worrying about charging, or fussing about software or app updates.

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Konnect includes health monitoring

The Konnect has been specifically designed to support older adults live independently for longer. Not only does the Konnect include video-calling but also a range of integrated and Bluetooth connected IoT sensors to give your loved ones peace-of-mind.

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