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 for your loved ones

Konnect can help you support the older adults in your life to remain independent for longer

Maintaining Independence

  • Supporting older adults in their own homes and communities is critical for wellness as we age

  • Support your loved one's independence at home through remote check-ins, video calls and reminders

Bridging Distance

  • Families providing care from a distance can benefit from quick and easy check-ins from afar. 

  • Bring friends and family abroad into your network - Konnect can be used worldwide as long as you have an internet connection

Monitor Changes

  • Check your loved one's day has begun by viewing movement in the home

  • Keep an eye on environmental and health readings, by pairing additional sensors

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Konnect has been designed for quick, easy adoption by older adults so that family and carers can support them to be happy and independent in their own homes. ​

Kraydel was founded to help people look after and support elderly loved ones as their needs and capabilities change.

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  • Nothing beats seeing - have engaging calls on a large, stable screen

  • Five, large easy-press buttons operate all of the hub's features

  • Secure, closed network - only approved contacts means no unwanted callers 

  • Works with every TV, not just smart TVs

  • Installation takes just a few minutes, and can also be installed using our friendly, qualified engineers.

  • Privacy shutter closes, covering camera when not in a video call.

  • Set reminders, share content and view environmental and health readings from your browser

  • Make video calls and send photos through the mobile app to their TV

  • Expand the network and enjoy group calls with family and friends across devices.


Konnect App:

Free to download and use