Covid-19 Isolation – Kraydel

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Kraydel Features

Remotely deliver support and care through the TV

Sensor data recorded in the well-being dashboard

Monitor key health measures using Bluetooth connected devices

Manage groups of users with
alerts and notifications

Designed for ease of use

Konnect is designed specifically to engage people who may not be familiar with a smart screen or computing devices. This includes older adults, the group with the most serious risk from Covid-19. Konnect is easy for Users and carers to install.

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Enables remote well-being monitoring

The hub has built-in sensors (for light, sound, and motion), and has been integrated with a wide range of environmental sensors (room temperature, smoke alarms, doorbells, etc) and health devices (blood pressure monitor, activity monitors, etc) to remotely monitor the activities of daily living.

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TV-based remote support for Long Covid

Konnect has integrated a Bluetooth pulse oximeter and a Bluetooth non-contact thermometer to remotely monitor the respiratory infection and fever of Covid-19. The readings from these devices are displayed in the dashboard for carers and family, making Konnect the only TV-based remote monitoring system for Long Covid support.

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Virtualize care visits

With the Konnect Covid-19 monitoring system installed across vulnerable populations, authorities and service providers (Health and Care) can maintain contact with large numbers of people, without exposing health and social care professionals to the coronavirus.

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