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February 23 2020 | 0 Comment

In a recent blog article, Paul Moorhead, Kraydel’s Chief Research Officer asked the question “How Old is Old?” and explored some of the terminology used to define the over 70’s.

January 16 2020 | 0 Comment

On the radio yesterday I heard a discussion about the increase in life expectancy during the 20th century. One commentator observed, rather depressingly, that we hadn’t extended life, we had extended death.

January 08 2020 | 0 Comment

When we describe Kraydel there are always a few people who don’t “get it”.

December 31 2019 | 0 Comment

As people live longer, and families are started later in life, parents are finding themselves in a difficult situation: they are looking after growing families but also have to take care of ageing parents.

November 02 2019 | 0 Comment

IoT in the home has been a buzzword for the past few years – but it’s never quite made the mainstream breakthrough it promised. Until now.

October 28 2019 | 0 Comment

When we consider the biggest health challenges facing society today, conditions such as obesity or cancer spring to mind.

October 06 2019 | 0 Comment

Kraydel’s plug and play hub makes video calls from your TV easy. Especially for old adults.

October 02 2019 | 0 Comment

TV video calling is the ability to make a receiver video calls, including live image and sound through your own TV.

October 01 2019 | 0 Comment

For over sixty years the TV has been at the heart of the home.

September 23 2019 | 0 Comment

The care homes sector is worth around £15.9 billion a year in the UK. There are around 5,500 providers operating 11,300 homes for over 410,000 residents.